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  • Gabriella Raja

Training for life

Running has begun.

it’s been 6 long months being stopped for injuries and now I‘ve started again training! It’s tough! it’s been 3 days now training and the first two has been awful! so hard!!! Doing 5km it was a nightmare!! Today it’s the first day I’ve done 5km in only 30mn without dying in between!

I love running , moreover here in Biarritz where you can see, feel and breath the ocean! Such a pleasure! and I love running because I can focus doing it, I can think straight and I always have an objective to reach: like life. It’s hard, it’s painful, there are ups and downs, but you can work to make it better. And it make you stronger. like my grandma always said: “ciò che non ammazza ingrassa” , what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. And it is so true! anyway! I’m continuing my training and in style, with my earrings! you should try them! #life #running #jewerly #gold #bijoux #earrings #jewels #luxury #healthy #lifestyle #fashion