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  • Gabriella Raja


Not an easy tasks!

I've always been a creative child and young adult, but working in real life made me forget how to be creative but taught me how to be organized and driven.

Now I'm stepping again into the creative process and every time it's tough! Yes! It's not easy as you might think! There are a lot of ideas, but to find the right one it takes time or luck! Because sometime you think to have the greatest design, but it simply doesn't work in real life! or it is too expensive to make it!

I've done so many attempt before arriving to realizing an entire collection!

Now, where I do find my inspiration?? Some creative found it in the beautiful nature, the in real life, other using tools and playing around them.....me I found my inspiration architecture and design. I'm obsessed with lines and volumes and architecture is the perfect elegant balance of those. Here's some of my greatest inspirations, but I will definitely do a post about architecture and my greatest spots, but do not hesitate to comment on this and give me advice!! I will love to hear them!