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  • Gabriella Raja

Biarritz here we are! We are spending some time here in Biarritz, my preferred town in France!

I love this small town on the ocean! You can smell the Spanish vibe and live the surfing life! The ocean is always a big source of life and inspiration, with its strength, power and changing colour. You can breath here and have a clear vision about your life, as all the city turmoil is far away. Biarritz is an elegant city also, with its 20’s villas and building, memories of the sparkling years of années folle, when Chanel et Patou based here their summer business. nowadays there is still a « je ne sais quoi » of the French Riviera, but Biarritz has moved into the future, with the choice of the healthy style of living. Here you can do sport all the time, with surf, running, trailing and skying, and eat healthy, with is fresh product and basque food.

and what I love most, is that you can be in Spain in only 30mn! and here too you can feel the joy of the Spanish life, their attitude to enjoy and have always a great time! so, if you read me, you know I totally love being here! and I advised you strongly to come even once here in Biarritz and enjoy life!!