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  • Gabriella Raja

Behind the production

It’s been a long journey to find the right jewelry maker for my very small production. I started looking for some french suppliers, but they are a very though crow! They are very few left in france and they were busy or not interested in such a small project as my own. I found then a french jewelry maker in Thailand. They were assuring me with the best quality for handmade jewelry, top quality and expertise. I went then to Chiag Mai (you can see some pics below!) and the fit was perfect! I make sure that the workers were really well paid (and they were) and I learned a lot about the production process. unfortunately after the first round of jewels, the Thai-french company left me as they were overloaded! mai, I started again looking for a long term supplier!

stay tuned and in the next episode you’ll know how I found the best jewelry maker ever!

have a lovely weekend!