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  • Gabriella Raja

Behind my jewels

When I started my project I had so many ideas, too many but few things were certain: 1/ bold jewellery but light 2/good quality 3/fair trade

And I discovered it wasn’t an easy task as I thought!

I needed to find a jewelry maker who was ok with producing small quantities, who could understand my vision and needs, who has the best production quality, and who has a balanced price. Moreover I wanted to visit my supplier to make sure everything was handmade at place and that the workers were well paid and in a good environment. As I said, not an easy task! I couldn’t find someone who was able to assure me with all my requests! I took six months (yes! 6 months! And a lot of disappointments!) to find the perfect match!

In my past career I’ve always Worked with different kind of suppliers, but I’ve always kept in mind that they are producing something important for me and my client, so they need to be well paid. Even when all my bosses wanted to get the lowest price possible, event too low, I always refused. if you want quality and a solid relationship with a contractor you cannot bargain. Would you like your job to be bargained? So why you should do this to someone working for you??

This is my point. So, creating my brand, I wanted to have a fair price for everyone involved, my suppliers and my clients. The price I fixed is fair for everyone, not cheap, yes, but fair, as the quality and engagement is at its best, the design and work behind is well thought. you may look for the best price, the lowest, the cheap, but have you ever thought about who is behind? How much do you think are paid the people who made your t-shirt? Peanuts, and usually they are underage. when you buy something do it responsibly.